“No worries” is the new culturally approved catch phrase response we give to others. And while it sounds good, the reality is all of us worry. Some of us are so good at it that we even get worried when we have nothing to worry about. The Swedish proverb is right when it says, “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” And despite the fact that worry doesn’t make us feel better, or even fix anything, we still do it. So in this three-part series, simply entitled “Worry,” we will learn what Jesus has to say about worry. We will explore where worry comes from and why it is so difficult to overcome. We will even discover what we can do to conquer it. So stop worrying…for a moment and make plans to join us for “Worry”beginning on October 16th!

10/16 – Worrisome
10/23 – Worry Wart
10/30 – Worry Weary