Wonderlife: A Not-So-Perfect Guide to Who You Are and Why You’re Here – Begins January 14, 2018

Wonderlife is a brand new study that explores our purpose, calling and who we are in God. Referred to as the “Purpose Driven Life” for a new generation, “Wonderlife” is a 5-week Church-wide small group study and sermon series that takes people on an honest and authentic journey through their not-so-perfect stories to find their truest calling and identity. The Adult Small Group Study and sermon series begins on Sunday, January 14, 2018. If you are not currently in an Adult Small Group, please click here to find a group.

Click here to order you workbook. One book for each person is recommended.

Who You Are And Why You’re Here
21 Our Story Matters
28 I Am Unashamed

04  Obstacles And Opportunitie
11 No More Excuses