All of us are connected to other people. Some of them live on our block, or in our building. Others work in the next cubicle or down the hall. A few are close relatives, and some are good friends. Whoever they are and whatever our connection to them, they are a part of our life. But just imagine if we were to think about those relationships in light of what we believe and have experienced in our own faith journey. Is it possible that God wants to use you to reveal Himself to them? Just imagine, if we began to pray for God to take our story of finding Christ and allow us the organic opportunity of sharing it with them. Just imagine if that person, that you already know, began to take steps to discover, because of you, that God really loves them. In Pastor Matt’s new teaching series, you will be encouraged and equipped to answer the question: Who’s your ONE?

01/12 What Is A Disciple?
01/19 Gone Fishing
01/26 The Value Of One
02/02 What The Hell?
02/09 It’s A Wonderful Life