Life is full of difficult situations. And often when we face them we are not prepared for the questions they bring. Questions like: What do you do when you are asked to make a choice that doesn’t fit what you believe? Or, how can you have success when you feel like you’ve been asked to do something that seems impossible? And, how can you make a difference in a culture that often feels hostile to the way you are trying to live? Join Pastor Matt for his new teaching series, “Thrive,”where you will learn the principles that guide us on how to respond when the hard questions come…not just to survive our daily life but to thrive!

16 #1 Thriving When Your Life Is In Chaos
23 #2 Thriving When You Don’t Agree
30 #3 Thriving When Your Beliefs Aren’t Respected

06 #4 Thriving When It Seems Impossible
13 #5 Thriving Even When Things Heat Up
20 #6 Thriving Despite Our Wins
27 #7 Thriving Through Wisdom

03 #8 Thriving At Work