“Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”  This is the question a witness is asked as they are sworn in to testify before a judge and jury. (Hello? Haven’t you watched Judge Judy or Law and Order?)  But the thing that is supposed to make their testimony authentic and trustworthy is the question that follows: “So, help you God?”  Interestingly, I’ve never heard anyone answer with a, “No, I’m going to lie through my teeth today;” although, for some of the trials we’ve watched that would have been the honest answer. 

Empty promises aren’t relegated to a courtroom. Who hasn’t been short-changed by putting your hope in money, relationships, contracts, and careers? Who hasn’t been on the receiving end of a broken promise; whether from a spouse, a friend, a salesperson, or a parent?  In fact, in an election year, we expect to hear promises by politicians that will never be kept. What if there was a source of promises that was trustworthy; but even more than that, true and life giving?  If you’re ready for a renewal of hope, then join Pastor Matt for his new series, “So Help Me God” as we discover God’s incredible promises to us!

09/06   A Day Late and a Dollar Short

09/13   For Heaven’s Sake

09/20   I Feel The Spirit Moving

09/27   Back To The Future

10/04   A Road Less Traveled

10/11   Failing Forward

10/18   If Elected, I Promise

10/25   Peace Out