Practical Faith brings focus to the world around us and shapes how we treat others and the relationships that form the fabric of our lives. Without the lens of faith, our world is blurry and distorted. Faith is the step toward understanding how God sees the world and our potential to make an impact, if we’re willing to take that first step. Join Pastor Matt Woodford in his new teaching series, Practical Faith, and discover the powerful ways faith intersects with the challenges and opportunities of life.

9/12     Help! I’m In Trouble!

9/19     Making Hard Choices

9/26     Overcoming Bad Habits

10/3     Dealing With Racism  

10/10   Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

10/17   Phony Faith

10/24   Peace Out!

10/31   Navigating Conflict

11/7     I’m So Impatient

11/14   Africa New Life Impact

11/21   Tongue Tied

11/28   You’re Not God.