In the Netflix original series, “Stranger Things,”a small town in rural Indiana in the 1980’s experiences an encounter with the supernatural. Through a portal to another world, created by an experiment done in secret by a government agency, a group of kids experiences the effects of an alternative dimension called the “upside/down.” Their fictional journey of stranger things was life altering and terrifying. In the New Testament Gospel’s, a small town in rural Bethlehem in Galilee, in the first century, experienced an encounter with the supernatural. Through the body of a young virgin girl, created and sent by God the Father, a group of shepherds, star gazers and a poor peasant couple, experience the effects of the love of God called the “birth of Christ.” This historical journey of “manger things” was life giving and transforming. Join Pastor Matt for his Christmas Series, “Manger Things” and allow this story to change you!

12/1  A Light That Overcomes
12/8  Finding The Light
12/15  Knowing The Light
12/22  Share The Light