Natural disasters. Threats of nuclear war. Terrorism. National unrest. Family issues. How can any of this be explained if God is supposed to be good? And where is God in difficult times? If you grew up in church you may have learned that if you do good, God rewards you; and if you were a bad girl or boy don’t be surprised at the bad stuff that comes your way. And whatever you do, don’t make God mad. But what if we could really embrace that God’s love for us isn’t based on our performance—but rather on what Jesus already did for us. Is it possible that God’s goodness is part of the answer to our worries and regrets and our pain and fear? If you’re struggling to see God in whatever your facing, join Pastor Matt for his new teaching series, “God, who?” and discover how He expresses his goodness to you.

15 Is God Really Good? 
22 If God Is Real Then Why Do I Worry?  
29 Is God Okay If I Rest?  

05  Can God Help Me When I Hurt?
12  Can I Trust God To Lead Me Where I Should Go?
19  Will God Be With Me When I Feel Like I Can’t Recover?
26  Where Is God When I Have Nothing Left To Give?