Most of our relationships can seem like a Chicago Weather forecast: a chance of sun, storms, or even ice…all on the same day. The unpredictable emotions within families and friendships usually dictate the forecast and it only takes one person releasing their toxic jet stream of negative emotions before the storm warnings begin to sound. The problem is we are often unaware of the emotional patterns we carry around with us. Over time these patterns create an emotional global warming within our families and friendships that lead to all kinds of destructive behaviors in our relationships. Invite someone to join us for Pastor Matt’s 4-part series, Global Warming. We’ll discover how we can positively affect the emotional climate at home and at work as we reduce the Global Warming in our relationships!

11/06    #1 Predictions
11/13    #2 Pressure Systems
11/20    #3 Storms
11/27    #4 Warming