Wonder is a universal feeling, but our next step is to seek truth. In our world, reason is held in very high esteem. This rational approach has spurred on great progress in medicine, transportation, communication, and technology. And while that has been a good thing, such advances have tended to suppress our spiritual needs for fellowship, intimacy, beauty, and purpose. Our mind asks whether God exists and whether our soul is immortal and our heart aches for a kind of meaning that can’t be seen or heard or touched. No matter how much our lives are improved by progress, we cannot ignore or dismiss that nagging sense that neither we or our world is as it should be. Our hearts tell us that we were made for something that transcends time and space. We long for a voice from beyond ourselves to speak words of meaning and love. But where are we to find such a thing? Join Pastor Matt in January for this new church-wide small group study and teaching series, Explore God and discover answers to some of life’s most critical questions.

January 13: Does Life Have a Purpose?
January 20: Is There a God?
January 27: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?
February 3: Is Christianity Too Narrow?
February 10: Is Jesus Really God?
February 17: Is the Bible Reliable?
February 24: Can I Know God Personally?