“Heroes”… it’s what we call the people who impact our lives in incredible ways. They usually don’t see themselves that way, and often times others many not see them that way either.  They often step into our lives at just the right moment and teach us important lessons, that with time and perspective, cause us to realize how they changed the trajectory of our life. They are the people that have embraced what life has taught them and are willing to invest those lessons in us.  Maybe you’ve met someone like that, or just maybe you’re about to be that person in someone else’s life.  Join Pastor Matt in his new teaching series and discover how God can use YOU to influence others in a powerful way and become a Difference Maker in someone’s life!    

8/15 Finding Significance

8/22 When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

8/29 Words Matter

9/05 Waiting for A Miracle