An 8-week journey through the Bible

Are you curious about the contents of the Bible? Maybe you’ve read portions of it for years and even participated in specific group studies but still purposely shy away from what you consider boring or incomprehensible sections. How do you pronounce Habakkuk anyway and what in the world is Ezekiel talking about? What about that strange book entitled Revelation?

Open Discussion Format

If these questions resonate with you or you just have a desire for an overview of the Bible that would not take decades to complete, Fast Track may be for you! It is an 8-week journey through the Bible conducted in an open discussion environment that addresses the “who, what, when, where and why” of each book.

By the last session you will have a better understanding of each book and section, you’ll have a feel for the continuity of God’s story in the Old and New Testaments and the tools you collected and used (workbook, handouts, notes) will be able to be used again and again as you study the Word of God on your own. Class size is limited so sign up soon!

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