Character Building

There are those moments in our lives where we know that there needs to be a change in us. We may not fully understand what it will take, but we know something has to stop and a new has to begin. But let’s admit it, there are also other times, we argue with ourselves– that we don’t need to change, everyone else does! But that kind of pride leads us further away from what we really need. For sure, change doesn’t come easy or overnight, and we’ll never be perfect…but we can be better. The great news is that we have a God who is ready to help us make real changes. So, if you’re looking to make some self-improvements, join Pastor Matt as he explores some effective ways to do some personal

Character Building.

5/08     Looking In the Mirror

5/15     Breaking Free

5/22     Examine Relationships

5/29     Seeing What’s Wrong

6/05     Character is a Full-time Job

6/12     Don’t Drift

6/19     It’s a Test