Fifty Shades of “They”
Most of us want healthy, long lasting relationships., yet the work to make that a reality is challenging because we often blame the other person instead of owning our part. Even a minor conflict with a family member or a friend can cause deep hurts– that if left to fester and grow can destroy a relationship. The good news is that each of us have the ability to become healthier in how we relate to others. Join Pastor Matt in his new teaching series, Fifty Shades of They, and together we’ll learn the practical, Biblical truths of how to work through awkward anger, create stronger connections and connect more closely to God to live in healthy relationships with those we love.

20 Jeff Helton, Guest Speaker
27 No “They” Areas

03 “They” Matters
10 Relationship Check-Up
17 Who’s Your Daddy?
24 Patient with “They”